Gambling Online Using Bitcoin in 2015


Gambling is a trend mostly conducted by men where people win or lose money depending on certain odds. Gambling is a 50/50 chance, since anyone can lose as well as win. Bitcoin is a gambling market that has a variety of online games. Bitcoin has the following games operating under the local currency: Casino, Poker, sports Betting, Lottery, Bingo, and Dices among other games. Bitcoin is therefore a site offers a platform through which different types of gamblers are able to place their money with the hope of having better returns together with payment processing.

Online gambling re-inventing is by Bitcoin because it is able to reduce congestion of people in casinos and operate faster than ordinary gambling halls. With the pace at which technology is evolving, many people find themselves trying to understand Bitcoin online betting. There are more advantages when gambling online through Bitcoin, and with their 24 hour live support service, gamblers are able to seek help where needed.

Bitcoin works in conjunction with other websites in creating the platform that will allow any user to gain access to any of the listed games.

Advantages of Bitcoin gambling

Huge Prizes

Depending on the type of bet placed, returns from Bitcoin betting are huge and attractive. These huge prizes attract more gamblers to bet through Bitcoin to be able to have a chance in winning one of those huge prizes. Depending on the type of online game, there are different prizes to win.

Faster deposits/withdrawals

Unlike normal betting sites, where the payments take days for processing; Bitcoins are fast to deposit and withdraw because they are just a click away. From any device that connects to the internet, one is able to manage his/her funds.


Secure payments

Bitcoin is involved in protecting the privacy of its gamblers b securing all information in their servers and not displaying them out to the public.

Fair play

Bitcoin guarantees a non-cheating environment especially when it comes to casino games, to ensure all its players receive equal and fair treatment.

Types of Games in Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin contains various casino games from blackjack, roulette and baccarat among others; from which players are able to compete fairly in the online casino. Casinos are the most famous and they give out bonuses to the players.

Bitcoin Sport Betting

Sport betting allows the players to be involved in their teams by being able to receive awards in case of correct predictions. Bitcoin provides a variety of sporting games to play and win cash prizes.

Bitcoin Poker

Poker is a game of skill, and brings together different people from different regions to play in the poker rooms to win cash prizes from the losers of the game.

Bitcoin Dice

Dice games involve small bets though they provide great rewards, and are played online with a live dealer to make the game more indulging

Bitcoin Lottery

Lottery depends on someone’s luck; thereby people who play find the game more indulging due to the hope of winning the high rewards.


Other games such as Bingo, Forex are available to play and win the rewards through Bitcoin.



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